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Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation - Scalp

Anyone who has been in that situation knows, once you start losing hair it’s hard to think about anything but the solution. And the best solution as on today is hair transplant. The modern FUE hair transplant techniques can get you back to looking and feeling the way you used to – in fact even better. Hair transplant is a lifelong investment in looking and feeling your absolute best. It’s not about your looks: it’s about confidence. Not just looking younger, but feeling a whole new life altogether.

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure wherein hairs are regenerated on the bald areas. The hairs are transferred from the back of the head; also known as donor area, to the top or front of the head. There are different techniques and procedures for conducting hair transplant. We will advise you the most appropriate procedure suitable for your requirements.

There can be many reasons for hair baldness like age, improper diet, stress, illness etc. At Areeva we believe in customised treatment: each case of hair loss is unique and every patient’s requirements are different as well as personal to them. Once we’ve examined your hair and got a sense of your medical history, we can help you understand your individual case of hair loss and walk you through the best set of solutions for you.


  • Improved looks and confidence.

  • Permanent solution.

  • Does away with balding.

  • Low/Minimal maintenance.

  • Cost saving.

Facial Hair Transplantation - Beard & Moustache

Technological developments in medical science have made Facial hair transplants much quicker and simpler and more readily available to those who who suffer from spotty or patchy loss of hair from beard or moustache and want to have a full grown and thick beard & moustache. The absence of hair could be hereditary or due to surgical scars, burns or other types of accidents.

We use the same FUE technique what we use in hair transplantation over the scalp. The grafts are extracted from the donor site - back of the scalp. After this, these extracted grafts are transplanted on the patchy bald portions of the beard or moustache. Due to the abundant amount of hair from the donor site, almost all the patches can be covered. Beard or moustache transplantation usually gives very satisfying results. The transplanted hair grow naturally like other facial hair and can be trimmed or shaved with common-sense care and the clear guidelines outlined by the surgeon after the surgery.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a highly advanced method of cosmetic pigmentation. While similar to traditional tattooing, Scalp Micropigmentation is also unique in a variety of ways. SMP involves the use of highly specialized equipment and techniques to inject pigment into the scalp. Scalp Micropigmentation is an extremely intricate procedure with a guaranteed result. The quality of your treatment depends on two things: Using the most up-to-date equipment, and getting your treatment from the most skilled and experienced practitioners.

At Areeva, we use a special computer controlled system, the most cutting edge technology in the industry, to ensure you receive a consistent appearance across the head and completely flawless results. Each treatment is tailored to your exact skin color and type.


Unlike hairpieces, which may not exactly match your hair color or type, hair transplantation looks completely natural because it is your OWN HAIR—just moved to a new spot.

Our hair transplant procedue is a low risk, minimally invasive, highly predictable surgical procedure, involves moving healthy hair follicles from one site of the scalp to another.



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